Which is the best parrot to keep as a pet?

Best parrots to have as pets

The best parrot for you depends on how well your chosen bird fits in with your life style and home.Parrots can be small enough to fit in a pocket, large enough to weigh over 2 kg. Some of the best parrots to have as pets include:African greys,Macaws,Amazon,Parakeets,Budgerigars,cockatiels etc.Which is the best parrot to keep as a pet?

Best first time parrot

The obvious choice is the budgerigar or the cockatiel. These are ideal if cost is a factor, as smaller birds require less money to acquire and set up.

. If you don’t have time to interact with the parrot and allow out of cage time, then a parrot is not the best pet for you.

The best bird for you also depends on how much time you have to devote to the bird and how much your’re willing to learn about parrots in general, and your preferred species.

Budgerigars as pets

These birds make a good first time pet, and many devoted parrot people will tell you that their first bird was a budgie (Melopsittacus undulatus).

Budgerigars were first bred in USA in the 1850’s. They are small birds weighing 30-40 grams, averaging 18 cm in length.

They are easy to find and inexpensive and do not need a large cage. Most budgies and canaries are still fed on bird seed rather than pellets and they can be picky eaters.

My daughter-in-law’s budgie, Pimby, won’t try a new food unless she eats it first in front of him.

In the wild budgerigars eat a variety of seeds (grass seeds), fruits, berries and vegetation. In captivity they are playful and curious and if tamed young, make delightful pets. They are neither destructive nor noisy.

A tame budgie will often talk as well as sing and their voice is high and piping. The lone bird will sing continually to her reflection in the cage mirror.Which is the best parrot to keep as a pet?

One view about parrots (which is also mine) is that all species do better with a companion either of the same or opposite sex or even a compatible species. To the owner who complains ‘then my parrot won’t be so affectionate to me, will he?’ I‘d answer that “the added enjoyment you’ll get of watching the birds interact with each other is adequate compensation”.

Are African grey parrots good pets?

This species which includes the Timneh grey is renowned for its talking ability. Like most parrots, they can become unhappy if they are caged too tightly in isolation for a long a time.

Like the larger birds greys need several hours daily of interaction with their human flock. They need plenty of outside cage time three to four hours daily would not be too much.

A worthwhile investment is an aviary – as large as you can manage. In this way, the parrots receive vitamin D from sunlight and are able to exhibit natural behaviours, enjoying sunshine, rain and chewing branches.

If you are thinking of a grey parrot as a pet Rosemary Low’s A Guide to Grey Parrots as Pets and Aviary Birds provides a good starting point.

Irene Pepperberg. whose grey Alex changed forever how we perceive greys talking ability and intelligence, has written, as well as her scientific publications, a moving biography, Alex and Me (2008) He died at 30, sadly not achieving as long a lifespan as his species is capable.

Macaws as pets

The macaws are considered to be spectacular animals. The Scarlet macaw is the Pirate parrot. There are 17 species of macaw. Amongst those species, most can be found in the pet market.

I’d not recommend a macaw as a first parrot. However if you research enough and have the space and the time, you can succeed in keeping them.

Like greys, amazons and cockatoos they will feather pluck if their environment is lacking. Their cost and the expenses of providing suitable accommodation puts them out of reach of most parrot lovers.

Because of their size, Macaws need far more space than other species. I have flown Benni, Blue and Gold macaw for four years and he has clocked in over 2,500 sessions. Free flight is too risky for novices. However a group in UK started flying outside using an Aviator harness and with tracking devices on the birds and then progressing to flights at liberty.

You can find out what they are doing on Facebook at Parrot Harness Training and Flight in UK.

Macaws and talking

Macaws are not renowned for talking though most macaws will say a few words. My Benni has an irritating habit when outside perched in a tree top of copying a dog’s bark. The resident dogs here go frantic, searching for the stranger dog.

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