We take care of all the flight/shipping arrangements for all our customers. All you have to do is stay home at the exact arrival time of your parrot to confirm delivery and also confirm to us that its the bird or birds you ordered for.
We will coordinate flight times with our customer a few hours after your order to provide you with the date of your shipment and all orders are shipped 24hours after your order was placed. (weather permitting). The customer is supplied with the airline, flight number(s), air waybill/tracking number, and flight arrival time prior to departure. It is recommended that the customer is at home at the expected arrival time so that your bird doesn’t get to your address and finds no one at home.
We will contact our customer once again on the day of shipment before the bird departure our aviary. A return call, text or e-mail to us letting us know that the bird(s) arrived safely is greatly appreciated.
Any bird that leaves our aviary must be paid in full before the bird is shipped.
We offer shipping within the Uk.(same day delivery for all Uk customers) We do offer international shipping to any other country, which take at least 2days.


We will have your order booked for delivery with one of our prescribed and trusted delivery service under your full delivery details and when that has been done, we will get in touch with you to provide you with your exact arrival and departure time with your tracking code and also a confirmation registration email will be sent to you containing all your shipping details. They will take a flight to your nearest airport then take a delivery van and drive to your doorsteps.
Is shipping safe for birds?
Yes, of course!!! Our pet carriers are well designed to ensure our bird(s) enjoy their flight to their destination. We provide food, water, and soft bedding inside the shipping carriers to make sure the baby is comfortable while travelling. In addition, we train our bird(s) to be in a pet carrier daily for a few minutes to ensure they don’t get stressed while travelling during their flight.


A weaned bird comes with extra food (Pellets/Seeds mix) inside a zip lock bag that will last you for a few days. Un-weaned bird comes with a hand-feeding syringe, pellets/seeds that the baby is being weaned on and baby formula that will last you a few weeks.


Once the orders are dispatched we provide you the tracking number to trace the order’s movement. Customers should understand that after payment is received. we need this 2 — 4 hours to prepare the order (for parrot eggs, before shipment. we need to confirm the hatch rate and confirm the fertility of the eggs to ensure that they must hatch, while for a parrot. we prepare them for shipment and re-confirm that they are healthy to take on the transportation process. We also use this time to prepare the documents needed for the successful delivery of the parrots to their new homes)

• Please contact us if your item has not been delivered within 2 working days within the US. or 3 working days for the rest of the world and we will see into it. Please include your order ID in your message to us. • When making a purchase on our site the transaction might be international. As some credit and debit cards are set up for domestic use only, this may result in the payment being declined or charged back. To rectify this issue, We have amended a lot of payment options.


We are so proud of the high quality birds that we are able to provide to you, and we share in your excitement and love of your new companion pet bird ownership. In addition to our existing LIVE BIRD Arrival Guarantee, The parrots online home are proud to offer an additional and optional 30 Days Extended Warranty, on any bird purchased from us. We know that most new bird challenges occur within the first 30 days of purchase, so we are here for you! Our customers are being diligent to educate themselves to select the best birds for their aviaries and to prepare for their arrival, but it’s comforting to know we’re supporting you as well, while your new birds adapt to their new environments.

Our knowledgeable and specialized staff will work with you to customize your bird’s care and needs, so your new avian companion birds will thrive and flourish as they transition into new environmental changes in your home. Conditions such as air quality, proximity to household toxins, nutrition, are factors that should be considered to reduce the chances of your birds becoming ill, fatigued, or perish. Please note that the twin brothers will not be held responsible for any negligence by the owner.
Our company goal is to provide excellent birds, products and customer service to help enhance your avian experience. Live animals are often challenging to source.

Finding the best avian pet is our focus and includes our internal farming efforts, as well as our external partner network. As such, our team would be grateful that once you have placed your live bird order, you please work with us until your order is received You can count on us for the very best in selection and service. We appreciate being a part of your avian experience as well as assisting you to breed these wonderful creatures. Let’s work together to meet the needs of your avian pet(s), pet owners, and the needs of The twin brothers who serves you. We sincerely appreciate your patronage and incredibility

Health Guarantee Certificate: All our Parrots come with a 1-year health guarantee from the day of shipment. We ask that you take your Parrot to a certified avian veterinarian at your expense to perform a health examination within 72 hours of arrival time. Should a health problem be determined that cannot be cured or is cost-prohibitive, we will replace the Parrot with one of the same kind, or refund your money. All our parrots will come with a one-year health guarantee.
DNA Sexing: All parrots must be sexed before placed for sale.


1-year health guarantee and 30 Day Warranty for Birds.
Up to date vaccinations/record
Health certificate and City certificate
Lifetime support from over 10 years’ experience from a vet technician.
We offer to ship worldwide with a pet nanny.