“Playing is my favorite! I’m an active parrot that enjoys company. I can’t wait to see my new home. To cheer up after a long day, parrot  jokes do the trick! So don’t worry, because I have plenty! I’m up to date on my vaccinations and vet checked from head to tail, so I’m a healthy parrot. I will surely have your heart in no time! Besides, can’t you see how attractive I am?  Don’t miss out on the fun! I can make your life just a bit more fun!” Buy Macaw Parrot Online.Macaw parrots Ireland |macaws for sale uk.,



The Military Macaw is very similar to the Buffon’s Macaw, but it is a bit smaller and a brighter green. P. J. Selby, in the early 19th century, referred to this bird as the “Great Green Macaw”. He describes the Military Macaw’s color as being a “fine and lively green”. .,

There are three recognized subspecies of Military Macaws. All three of these have only slight differences in appearance, they vary primarily in the regions from where they originate. The nominate species Ara m. militaris, is found in Northwest Venezuela, Colombia, Eastern Ecuador and Northern Peru, and is the most commonly available. The other two species are the Bolivian Military Macaw Ara m. boliviana which is found in Bolivia and Northern Argentina, and the Mexican Military Macaw Ara m. mexicana which is from Mexico. These two are quite sparse in captivity. Macaw parrots Ireland |macaws for sale uk.



Like all Macaws, the Military Macaw is quite inquisitive and intelligent. They are a superb choice for a show bird. “Kippit” shown in the picture above is a five-month-old Military Macaw. He is a juvenile that has been well socialized with lots of people. He is alert and playful, and always enjoys interacting and getting treats.Military Macaws for sale uk| Macaw for Sale UK,





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