Thomas is the perfect, little guy! He has both great looks and a great personality! This little sweetheart will bring tons of love into your home. He is a bundle of energy but, once tired, loves his naps. He is very affectionate and loves cuddling. He’s always doing something cute to grab your attention and it always works! Buy macaw parrot online.hyacinth macaw for sale uk | Macaws for sale, , , , ,

These magnificent birds are the largest of the parrots but are not in the slightest bit intimidating. Hyacinth Macaws are, in fact, known for the shape of the beak that makes them look like they are sporting a mischievous grin eternally. These gentle giants are known for being super goofy and extremely affectionate pets. Like most parrots, the Hyacinth Macaw also forms very strong bonds with its owners and becomes a valuable part of the family in just a few days of its arrival.

These birds can become the heart of any home., , , ,hyacinth macaw for sale uk | Macaws for sale
However, raising a Hyacinth Macaw is not the easiest task. These birds can be very notorious in their demands from the people that they have bonded with. They can also be a tad bit noisy if not trained properly. The fact that these birds are not scared of human beings sometimes makes them a threat to the safety of children. If not trained properly, these birds can be nippy. The slightest nip from these mandibles can harm a child or even an adult. So, you need to learn the secrets to raising a happy and healthy parrot if you want the bird to be safe around the house. , ,



Macaws primarily eat nuts from native palms, such as acuri and bocaiuva palms, but they also eat fruits and vegetables. Their beaks are strong enough to crack open coconuts.The typical length of a hyacinth macaw is about 40 inches, which is a little longer than a yardstick, and they can have a wingspan of 5 feet. Despite their size, they usually weigh only about 42 ounces—about as much as a large guinea pig!

The hyacinth macaw is considered vulnerable to extinction due to habitat loss and over-collection for the pet trade.Adult macaws have no known predators in the wild, but toucans, corvids, possums and coatis prey on the eggs.Hyacinth macaws can be found in parts of Brazil, eastern Bolivia and northeastern Paraguay. Unlike most parrots that prefer tropical rain forest habitats, hyacinth macaws prefer lightly forested areas such as palm swamps and flooded grasslands. A major part of the population lives in the Pantanal region of Brazil.








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