Name : Sophia

Sex : Female

Age : 7months

.DNA Sexed

.Hand fed


.Hand Rared

.Fully Tamed



I’m so happy that you are looking at my pictures. I’m an even cuter green cheek conure parrot in person! Everyone loves me! I have been told that I have beautifully colored feathers.. They are fluffy and baby soft. Just think of all the fun things we can do together. We can shop for parrot toys together, take long walks on the beach or just stay at home watching a good movie on TV. I promise to meet you at the door every day, ready to play and cuddle, so choose me! I will be waiting by the phone for your call.Green Cheek Conures UK-Conures for sale.,


Green cheek conure among other Conures have the quietest personality. They are very affectionate towards each family member and are pretty comical. Some customers also complained that at first these Conures show some shyness. Green cheek Conure prefers chewing the food before consuming it and loves to live in a couple or group form. For grabbing the owner’s attention, the green cheek conure do some comical acts like hanging upside down or dancing around the perches. If you are a busy person, this pet is best for you because usually the green cheek conure usually entertain themselves on their own. One of the worst conure behavior problems we were complained about was the stubbornness. This problem will go away if you start bonding with conure more and by playing with them.Green Cheek Conures UK-Conures for sale.,

Green cheek conure are the smallest as compare to other conure types. This pretty parrot has hints of so many beautiful colors. In this article we have shared interesting yet crucial information which should be known to each new owner of this little bundle of joy. You will not even regret even for once after buying this mesmerising parrot.


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