Name : Emma

Sex : Female

Age : 9months

.DNA Sexed

.Hand fed


.Hand Rared

.Fully Tamed



Rev up your Emma! Emma is her name and playing is her game! This playful girl can’t wait to go on adventures with you. Just picture it now: flying through the park, playing sounds, and so much more! Emma is the best of both worlds with her beauty and loving personality. Don’t let her getaway. She’s a great girl looking for a great family like yours. Once she’s with you, you’ll wonder how you got along without her.Brilliantly colorful, intelligent, friendly, and loaded with personality, the sun canure has long been popular among families fond of companion birds. But owners should be prepared; this bird one of the loudest of all the medium-sized parrots. They are not a good starter bird since they require a lot of consistent training, daily interaction, and constant socialization to keep them tame and well-behaved. Conures UK | sun Conures for sale  ,, ,

Ecology and Conservation

Due to high demand in the pet trade this once-common species has declined dramatically during the last twenty years. It has been heavily exported from Guyana during this time, leading to its virtual extirpation from that country. Sun conures are very common in captivity, but it is not known what percentage of this population are hybrids between Aratinga solstitialis and Aratinga maculata. Conures UK | sun Conures for sale .







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