Name : Coby

Sex : male

Age : 12months

.DNA Sexed

.Hand fed


.Hand Rared

.Fully Tamed



Coby has a world-class champion pedigree. We have years of experience and are always striving for excellence! Coby the crimson bellied parrot is vet checked and up to date on vaccinations before being placed with their wonderful new family. We breed for the total conure; a parrot that embodies breed type, working ability, and sound temperament. .Conures for sale uk

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Our Crimson-bellied Conure for sale or Crimson-bellied Parakeet (Pyrrhura perlata) – all the more normally known as the Crimson-bellied ) – is likewise frequently alluded to as “Silvery Conure” bringing about disarray with the Pyrrhura lepida – the genuine Pearly Conure. The explanation behind this disarray is that the logical name ” Pyrrhura perlata” is presently applied to Crimson-bellied Parakeet. , Conures for sale uk

These energetic, cuddly and friendly little parrots are truly outstanding and the most mainstream agents of the Conure family. Continuously profoundly searched after on the pet market, they can be somewhat expensive, yet it sure is justified, despite all the trouble, since you get what many think about an ideal pet parrot. Simply make a point to procure one from a trustworthy source-Crimson Bellied Conure is a weak variety.,

The two grown-ups somewhat green in shading; earthy colored bosom with pale grayish and dim earthy colored excepting; yellow/green cheeks, going to blue on lower cheeks; regular around hindneck which changes with each fledgling; the red curve of the wing, lesser underwing coverts, and mid-region; blue thighs to tail coverts; earthy colored/red tail. Bill earthy colored/dark. Eye ring exposed and white. Eye dim earthy colored. cockatoo for sale.,





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