Name : Logan

Sex : male

Age :8months

.DNA Sexed

.Hand Fed


.Hand Rared

.Fully Tamed



Howdy! My name is Logan. I’m a fun-loving golden conure parrot who is ready to bring you lots of joy and happiness. I love to play and frolic, but bringing a smile to your face will be my all-time favorite thing to do. My silly shenanigans will always keep you laughing, I promise! I love getting treats for my little parrot antics, but just making you happy is treat enough for me. Conures for sale | Golden Conure For Sale uk

I’ve been to the parrot doctor and he told me that I am happy, healthy, and ready to go. So, hurry up and bring me home. I just know that we’ll have a blast together.They are Stunning in their brilliant yellow color, the golden conure (or Queen of Bavaria conure) is, without a doubt, a beautiful bird. They can also make a very nice and affectionate companion pet that is spunky, smart, and entertaining, though they are rare and expensive. One thing is for sure—these are very special parrots that seem to steal the hearts of every bird owner they meet. Conures for sale | Golden Conure For Sale uk.,

Ecology and Conservation

The Golden Conure was listed as endangered in 1994 but was downlisted to Vulnerable in 2013Habitat destruction and fragmentation as a result of road construction, subsequent development and settlement, with accompanying illegal logging, are threats in the east of its range. Selective logging of primary hardwoods removes suitable roosting and nesting cavities.

Although these birds have been extensively trapped for trade, this is no longer a major concern as trade is now usually within the substantial captive population, and does not have a significant impact on the wild population.Long-term captive breeding programs are important to ensure the survival of this species. The AZA recognizes Busch Gardens Tampa Bay as the first to successfully breed this species.Conures for sale | Golden Conure For Sale uk.

Fun Facts

Due to the small quantity of these birds in the wild, little is known about this bird.,
Golden conures are not known as a truly social bird but pairs and small groups may be seen feeding in the treetops together.
These birds have a tendency to spend long periods of time in their nest, even when not breeding.
Breeding is apparently communal, with several females contributing two or three eggs to each nest and several adults caring for the young. Up to nine young have been recorded in a nest in the wild, and up to 14 in captivity.
These birds make a high-pitched, vibrant “greh” or “kray” call.





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