Meet Mason! He’s a spunky little Patagonian parrot dude that knows how to keep you on your feet. He loves anything stuffed and his head tilts whenever he hears a squeak. This little guy will be sure to amuse you with a lifetime of memories. He loves playing and to be outside. Nighttime is the best time however when he start imitating your voice, it’s just priceless. He will come to his new home up to date on his vaccinations. Mason is truly one of a kind, so hurry and pick him! He will be sure to shine and make every day for you happy a one.


Name : Mason

Sex : male

Age : 9months

.DNA Sexed

.Hand fed


.Hand Rared

.Fully Tamed



The brown-throated parakeet is mostly green, with the lower parts being a lighter green than the upperparts. Black/grey beak. Some blue in the wing feathers. Head and face colors depend on the subspecies. canures uk | Conures in Northern Ireland

It interacts with abiotic features as well, like rocks. They use it as their platform mostly for singing and dancing. This species of parakeets predominantly eat seeds and forage for them in small groups. They utter loud calls while flying through the habitat, foraging groups either respond or stay silent. If the foraging group responds, groups flying above may join the foraging group or carry on.canures uk | Conures in Northern Ireland.

Distribution and habitat

It is found widely in woodland, savanna and scrub throughout northern South America and the southeastern Caribbean in Colombia, Venezuela, the Guianas, Trinidad and Tobago, the ABC islands in the Netherlands Antilles, and northern Brazil (mainly the Rio Negro/Branco region) with a disjunct population in south-western Pará. Another disjunct population is found in southern Central America in Panama and Costa Rica, and is sometimes considered a separate species, the Veraguas parakeet (A. ocularis). The brown-throated parakeet has been introduced to Puerto Rico (where now possibly extirpated), the U.S. Virgin Islands (mainly Saint Thomas, hence the alternative name St. Thomas conure), and various other islands in the Lesser Antilles (at least Dominica; recent sightings also from Martinique and Guadeloupein. Northern Ireland.,







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