Name : Cocco

Sex : Female

Age : 7months

.DNA Sexed

.Hand fed


.Hand Rared

.Fully Tamed



Coco likes to play and “talk”.. Don’t miss out on bringing this beautiful girl home. Contact us today.Blue Crowned Conures For Sale | canures uk Blue-crowned hanging parrots have green plumage and adults have black beaks. There is sexual dimorphism between males and females of the species. A

dult males have a characteristic blue “crown” patch on their head and a red mark on their throat as well as a red rump bordered by a yellow lower back. Adult females plumage is duller green in color compared to the males, they do not have the red throat mark and have a less apparent or absent blue crown on the head and lack yellow feathers on their lower back. Juveniles’ plumage is dull green, they also have little to no blue crown patch, they have a little to no blue crown visible and their bills are light in color.



The blue-crowned canure parrot forms bonded pairs during January to July for the breeding season. In order to court a female, the male will display by strutting; where the red rump, tail coverts, and red throat feathers are fluffed up. The male will erect his body and spread his tail and bob its head while running across a branch or perch. With wings held low, he makes soft twittery “jeet jeet” call while showing off his red and gold rump on his lower back to nearby females. In response, a female who is not impressed by the male will react aggressively by chasing him away, or she may act indifferently. If the female is interested in the male, she will actively encourage him and accept food from him.

The pair’s bond is maintained in this species through courtship feeding where the male will regurgitate food and offer it to a female. The female who accepts the food will perch close to the male and spend most of their time together. ,
The parrots will carry nesting material in their contour feathers by tucking them with their beaks. The females have a gestation period of 20 days where she will incubate her eggs inside the nest. A single clutch can have up to 4 eggs and the chicks leave the nest about 33 days after hatching.Blue Crowned Conures For Sale | canures uk


Hanging parrots eat mainly fruits in the wild but will also feed on palm oil nuts, seeds, nectar, and fresh flowers.

The blue-crowned canure parrot employs different feeding methods. Young birds usually use their mandibles to nibble and break off pieces of food when perching and will flick their heads rapidly to remove the pulp after extracting its juice. Adults use their feet or bills to carry food and will feed when perching. Feeding usually occurs away from the food source after being carried to a perch. The bird can bring the food held up by the foot to its beak to feed and they can also hold up their foot and lower their head to feed. Other methods involve holding the food between its claws on the perch and lowering the head completely to feed.
Its diet usually includes flowers, buds, fruits, nuts, and seeds. They eat Southeast Asian fruit such as papaya and rambutan in the wild.






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