African Grey parrot price

How Much Does an African Grey Parrot Cost? (2022 Price Guide)

African Grey Parrot price

African Grey Parrots are a favorite among bird lovers because they are incredibly intelligent, making them super fun and talented. Not to mention, they have a striking appearance that makes them stand out from the crowd.African Grey parrot price

Like many other exotic birds, African Grey Parrots are expensive, both in one-time costs and recurring monthly payments. If you were to get an African Grey Parrot, you have to be prepared for this lifetime financial commitment.

Ask any current African Grey Parrot owner, and they will tell you that the price is well worth it for these intelligent, graceful, and curious creatures. Let’s take a look at all of the costs associated with African Grey Parrot ownership.


If you are expecting to find an African Grey Parrot for free, we are sorry to inform you that this dream is not rooted in reality. It is next to impossible to find these birds for free. You can look online, but you will likely not find anything.


You may be able to find a previously owned African Grey Parrot for adoption. Many times, people buy one of these birds, only to find out they do not have the resources or time to commit to it.

Adopting an African Grey Parrot is much more affordable than buying one from a breeder, but it is still a good price to pay. At least you are buying a parrot that needs a good home and is already accustomed to humans.


If you want a best-in-class African Grey Parrot, you will need to buy one from a breeder. Breeder prices will be more expensive, but they often offer free shipping, travel cage, and toys with the bird.

The exact price of the bird will depend on type, age, gender, etc., but for an African Grey Parrot, expect a cost of $500 to $4,000. Shop around to find an African Grey Parrot that fits your budget.

Initial Setup and Supplies

In addition to the bird itself, you will need to set up its cage and home. We recommend buying a new parrot cage instead of a used one to avoid spread of diseases (unless it was your bird’s cage from the previous owner). A good parrot cage that is of adequate size for the African Grey Parrot costs 120.

You also need to buy things to go inside the cage, such as stainless steel bowls, perches, wood, transportation, licenses and permits. If you are bringing the parrot into the United States, you will have to pay an import permit fee too, which can cost between $111 and $565.

You will likely have to pay for a health certificate as well. To do this, a veterinarian will have to perform an evaluation. The health certificate price will depend on the vet you go to.

How Much Does an African Grey Parrot Cost Per Month?

Just like any other pet, there are monthly fees associated with African Grey Parrots.

Luckily, these birds are not as expensive as dogs or cats to care for on the monthly basis. You primarily only need to provide them food, entertainment, and health care if necessary.

The only time monthly expenses should be high is if your African Grey Parrot gets sick and requires veterinarian attention. It is for this reason we highly recommend exotic pet insurance.

Health Care

The key to a healthy African Grey Parrot is a healthy diet, physical stimulation, and mental stimulation. If you provide the right food and a clean cage, the African Grey Parrot should be healthy.

That being said, you do need to take the bird to an exotic vet annual checkup. In a best case scenario, you should only pay between $100 and $250 a year for your parrot’s health care. You shouldn’t have to pay for it monthly, unless it is old or sick.

African Grey Parrot holding a leaf

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